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7 min readJun 5, 2022

If you are over 40 and want a better quality of life, this article is for you. Learn 5 steps to improve your bodybuilding performance and boost your health.

Most people over 40 years of age no longer have the courage to live that they had before. But it is at this stage of life that we need more physical exercise, such as weight training, as our body starts to stop producing many hormones and many functions are lost.

Of course, the disposition of people over 40 will often not be the same as that of young people over 20. But this cannot be an excuse for not getting results to benefit your health and performance in bodybuilding.

It is normal to be over 40 years old and not see the same results as before. This is due to the changes that time makes in your body and your metabolism. However, despite the slower result, it can be achieved, using the correct strategies.

With that in mind, in this article we brought 5 tips to improve bodybuilding results after 40 years, whether they are men or women. Come on?

Benefits of bodybuilding after 40 years of age

That physical activity is good for health, we are all tired of knowing. Doctors always talk, it’s on television and everything. However, many people over 40 are afraid to practice, especially weight training, because they think it is a dangerous sport.

It’s just the opposite of what people think. Weight training is a safe sport (as long as it is well executed) and it brings numerous health benefits. Many more benefits than other isolated sports, such as walking, running, water aerobics and so on.

Over time, the body goes through numerous changes which, with a good diet, with the practice of physical activities, among other good habits, can be mitigated or avoided.

Among the main benefits of bodybuilding for people over 40, we can mention:

  • Improvements in the body’s lipid profile;
  • Decrease in the amount of body fat;
  • Reduced blood glucose levels and improved insulin response;
  • Improved mood;
  • Increase and/or maintenance of lean mass;



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