10 Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Evaldir Monteiro
6 min readAug 28, 2021
I myself passing my tips to you

The year 2021 is almost over and it’s still time to meet the goal of being fitness!

To help, we’ve put together some tips for you to reach your goals and finally become healthy!

1 — Know what you really want

The first step to healthy living is to outline your main goals. For example, if your desire is to lose weight, the ideal is to look for a gym to lose weight. But if the goal is to gain more mass, training changes.

So know what you really want! Remember that having a fitness style doesn’t just mean having a fit body, but also taking care of your health.

So, whether for slimming or muscle definition purposes, don’t forget to write on your goals paper: “keep your health up to date!”.

2 — See your success

We know that one of the most demotivating things is the lack of success in achieving your goal.

That’s because changing a lifestyle is not something that happens overnight, it takes patience, persistence and a lot of dedication.

The recommendation to not get discouraged is to see how the changes can affect you further. Think of all you can achieve with a healthier life!

Imagine being more willing to wake up early? More energy to play with your kids? Or, wear those old jeans, which were already forgotten in the wardrobe?

Furthermore, living a healthier life may be the answer to healing pain and illness.

If you already have some treatment, such as acupuncture herniated disc, exercise can help you — a lot! — no achievement of fast and satisfactory results. In other words, you can see the end of your annoyances!

3 — Do pleasurable exercises

Not everyone has the energy to withstand heavy training in gyms. Because of that, a lot of people end up giving up in the first few days, because it’s really hard to do something we don’t like.

The objective of physical exercises is to increase the sensation of pleasure, since during the activity our body releases several substances, such as endorphins. Thus, we feel more joy and disposition.



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